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Ameeka Cats - Breeders of Abyssinian and ocicat

If you would like to offer a home to one of our adorable Abyssinian kittens, Ocicat or Ocicat Classic kittens, then please contact us to express an interest. For detailed information on how our kittens are raised, what vaccines our kittens are covered with, taking your kitten home and other important information please visit the link below.

Important Information for Prospective Kitten Owners.

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Abyssinian Kittens

We hope to have our next Abyssinian litter late Summer of 2013.





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Ocicat Kittens

We are expecting our next litter Summer of 2013!



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Ocicat Classic Kittens

We have two Ocicat Classic kittens available, both are lovely soppy chocolate boys. If you are interested then please get in touch.

The Ocicat Classic has recently been promoted to Full Championship Stage of recognition with GCCF.

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homeabout usOcicat and Abyssinian girlsAbyssinian and Ocicat  kittensgallerycontactlinks to Abyssinian and Ocicat breeders
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