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Governing Bodies and Cat Clubs

The Ocicat Club
Lincolnshire Cat Club
Abyssinian Cat Association

GCCF - Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
Fife - Federation Internationale Feline


Feline Health Issues

Feline Advisory Bureau
- A charity dedicated to the health and welfare of cats
The Winn Feline Foundation - A non profit organisation which supports health studies into medical problems affecting cats.



Abyssinian Breeders

Koperkat abyssinian & Ocicat

abychat abyssinians

Ocicat Breeders

thickthorn ocicats

pardalis ocicats

yesso ocicats

Vervain Cats

World of Ocicats


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Other cat related sites

Cat, Cats, Feline Paradise! - Cat Lovers Only! All you could ever want to know about cats! Get lots free feline stuff, see cat pictures, learn about the different breeds of cats and so much more! 

my pet outlet


cat planet



Other Links of Interest

An interesting website offering stunning Bronze Sculpture.  Bronze portraits and celebrity heads are a speciality, but commissions are taken... maybe a wonderful bronze of your beloved cat for the gift of a lifetime!?




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