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We invite you to meet our lovely girls. We love our girls to bits and are extremely considerate with their diet, health and hygiene, but we try not to lose sight of the fact that they are still cats!

Whether we like it or not, our furry little companions are still quite in touch with their instincts, and are still wild at heart! So when they are not calling, the girls are allowed access to our garden which has been completely cat-proofed, and therefore the whole garden is their run! We only let them outside when someone is home, so we can keep an eye on them.

We love to watch them chasing around, hiding in the bushes and pouncing on leaves and bugs! I think you can glimpse the true essence of a cat when it is outside, but at the same time we can relax that they are not in danger from the road or any other hazards.


maddy as a kitten
Maddy as a kitty
Maddy on cat post

Our Usual Abyssinian 'Maddy'

Meet 'Maddy' our usual Aby foundation queen. Thank you to Judy Whiteford for this lovely girl. She is the sweetest natured cat you could wish to meet. She loves to be held on your shoulder, and is happy to be carried round the house like this, and like most Abys she LOVES her food!

Maddy has proved herself to be a wonderful mother, who left us very little to do other than cuddle her little bundles of joy!

We are very happy that we chose to keep the little fawn girl from Maddy's second litter (see 'Chino' below). Our hope is to breed high quality kittens to maintain the already high standards of Abyssinians in this country.

Maddy is PK Deficiency normal

Pedigree is available upon request

Maddy and Dizzy together
Best friends
Maddy close up
Beautiful Maddy
maddy as a kitten
Gorgeous little Chino
Maddy on cat post
No pictures please!
Our Fawn Abyssinian 'Chino'

We are delighted that this little girl has stayed with us! She is a beautiful little fawn lady and has a very sweet nature. Maddy has certainly passed on her lovely temperament to this little one.

With her handsome father Charley, and Maddy both being usual coloured, the chances of this little girl coming out the colour she is was only 1 in 16, so she is special in more ways than one!

Chino had her first kittens in 2007, giving us five beautiful babies. Her kittens were stunning and inherited her wonderful gentle nature. We have high hopes for her in the future.

Chino is PK Deficiency normal

Pedigree is available upon request

Maddy and Dizzy together
A favourite sleeping position!
Maddy close up
Our lovely Fawn kitty
maddy as a kitten
Paddling her paws!
Maddy on cat post
Pretty girl
Our Sorrel Abyssinian 'Honey'

Honey is Chino's daughter from her second litter, who charmed us with her wonderful temperament and lovely looks and just had to stay!

She has a massive personality packed into a little cat, being extremely outgoing and social! She absolutely loves water and will go frantic at a dripping tap! She loves going to shows, where she has received compliments on her lovely nature on many occassions.

She delighted us with her first litter in the Summer of 2010, and she has certainly passes on all her lovely qualities to her babies.

Honey is PK Deficiency Normal
and PRA Normal

Pedigree is available upon request

Maddy and Dizzy together
Sweet as Honey!
Maddy close up
Honey can sleep for England!
Tia and Chino snuggled up
Chilled out kitty

Our Chocolate Ocicat 'Tia'

We are pleased to introduce our lovely chocolate Ocicat girl 'Tia'. Tia was kindly offered to us by her breeder Rosemary Caunter after the sad loss of our first Ocicat girl, Dizzy. Tia is a delight, having the most sweet and loving personality, liking nothing more than being snuggled up with one of us!

Tia has bonded with the rest of our little cat family really well, and has established a special bond with Chino, which is heartwarming to see.

Tia successfully gained the title of Champion in her first 3 adult shows. She then stunned us with her first litter, by producing an amazing litter of 8 kittens in a stunning array of colours, sired by Grand Champion Thickthorn Blue Skipper!

Pedigree is available upon request

Beautiful Tia
One of the family already!
That bug is history!
Our little wild cat

Our Chocolate Ocicat Classic 'Jazzy'

We are pleased to introduce you to Jazzy. She has a full Ocicat pedigree, but her coat is the striking classic pattern.

She is the first Classic Ocicat to be registered for breeding in the UK and we are very excited about the future with her. We hope to work with other interested breeders to promote this beautiful and rare pattern. Jazzy has certainly knocked our spots off already!

Some interesting details about the classic pattern have been added to our Ocicat information pages here

Pedigree is available upon request

Baby Jazzy, sunbathing
Posing by the pond
Lovely Kestrel
A moment of rest

Our Cinnamon Ocicat Classic 'Kestrel'

We are proud to introduce Kestrel. Her Dam is our beautiful Jazzy and her sire is Grand Champion Thickthorn Blue Skipper. She is from the first ever litter born to a Classic parent in the UK.

Kestrel is as striking as her mother and we hope that both girls will participate in the foundation of the Ocicat Classic in the UK.

For more information on the Ocicat Classic click here

Pedigree is available upon request

Kestrel on the prowl
Tired after a mad bug hunt!
candy on sofa
Candy our fluff ball
Our Other House Guests

Candy is our Chinchilla girl.  She is a real diamond, loves everyone, and shows them how much by licking them! She also likes to bring you presents, and looks really pleased with herself as she presents you with a dirty sock or a spider!!

To the right is our chief kitten cuddler!

Emily with cat face paint
Our little tiger!
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