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curled up ocicat
The exotic Ocicat

Ocicat Breed Profile

Anyone with a taste for the exotic will be drawn towards the Ocicat. And this extremely intelligent breed has even been known to woo avid dog lovers over to the other side!

This Ocicat is extremely social and will want to interact greatly with its human family. They are easily trained to fetch, sit and come on command with the aid of food rewards, and will follow you around the house showing an active interest in all you are doing. These cats like to

be a big part of your life and family, and will interact well with other pets and children.

They can be quite talkative cats, but thankfully not noisy! Often asking for attention by bringing you a favorite toy to throw, or sitting gazing straight into your eyes and meowing! Being a very athletic breed, they need space in which to exercise, and will love to be provided with cat climbers and other stimulating toys. Ocicats also have a fascination for water. They like to watch and play with any water in the house, and some may attempt to bath or shower with you!!

Ocicats love any and all attention! They are interested in, and like to be involved in whatever you are doing, and may well follow you around the house to make sure they don't miss anything!

The 'wild' look of these beautiful cats is often what captures people at the outset, but it will be the wonderful temperament and personality of the Ocicat that will truly win your heart in the end.

Because of the social nature of these cats, they will be under stimulated if left alone for long periods of time, so please consider a companion if you don't already have other pets. In the main, this is a fun and lively breed, who will give you a lot of reward for the love and attention offered.

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