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Saying Goodbye is never easy

When a member of the family is lost, it leaves a big hole in your life. The grief over the loss of a beloved family pet is just the same as when a much loved person passes on, and should never be belittled.

Many people have been touched by our most recent loss, and have shared their own experiences of loss with us. We can assure you that this has helped us greatly, and we hope that by sharing, it may have helped them a little too.

Beautiful Dizzy
27th July 2006 - We have lost our lovely Dizzy

We tragically lost our beautiful Dizzy on Thursday 27th July 2006.

Dizzy was at the vets for a routine blood test before going to stud for the first time. We lost her from a complication that arose, when the vet tried to settle her with a sedative to allow the blood to be taken.

We are devastated by this and have not even begun to come to terms with it.   She had a huge personality, was a much loved part of the family, and we had looked forward to a whole lifetime with her, not one short year.

Little Chino was really affected by the loss of her Aunty Dizzy too, she followed us around like a shadow since the Thursday that Dizzy died. They were really close and it was very hard for us to see her grieving as well.

Some of the beautiful pictures we have of Dizzy will remain here, as they are a comfort to us.

We would like to say a heartfelt Thank You to all the people who have offered their genuine sympathy and support since our loss. This support has come from friends, family and other breeders and has really helped us to not feel so alone with our shock and grief.

Also a very special Thank You to the other breeders who kindly offered us a new baby when we feel ready, they understand what we have been going through.

Thank you from Stacie, Ian and Emily

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