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23rd October 2010 - Ameeka Wildcat Sally gains her 2nd PC

Ameeka Wildcat Sally (Sally) was awarded her 2nd Premier Certificate at the Yorkshire Cat Club Show, and achieved great side class results. She made her owners proud and was very relaxed and happy on the day. It was lovely to see her again and give her a cuddle!

23rd October 2010 - Ameeka Lambada gets her Qualifying Merit

Ameeka Lambada (Suki) was awarded her qualifying Merit Certificate at the Yorkshire Cat Club Show. Her new owners were very proud of her as she did very well in her side classes as well as getting a lovely write up in her assessment class. She is the 15th Ocicat Classic cat to acheive 4 qualifying merits!

23rd October 2010 - Honey is now a Champion!

Our lovely little sorrel Abyssinian Honey was awarded her 3rd Challenge Certificate at the Yorkshire Cat Club Show so is now a Champion!

7th July 2010 - Kestrel has 5 babies!

Kestrel has a litter of 5 spotty Ocicat babies sired by Champion Yesso Barnarto. With chocolate and cinnamon kittens plus our first ever fawn Ocicat!

30th June 2010 - Jazzy has 7 babies!

Jazzy and Neo have a huge litter of 7 babies, all Ocicat Classic with some lovely colours and markings.

3rd June 2010 - Honey has 4 Abyssinian babies!

Chino's lovely sorrel daughter Honey has her first litter of 4 cute Abyssinian kittens.

19th April 2010 - Chino has four Abyssinian babies!

Chino has her little furry family now, and is a very proud Mum.

22nd March 2010 - Tia has five Ocicat babies!

Tia and Neo have five lovely spotty babies, all getting chubby and happy.

29th June 2009 - Kestrel has seven Ocicat Classic babies!

Kestrel did a superb job with her first litter and amazed us by having a bumper litter of seven! All have the striking Classic pattern and are doing very well, Kestrel is a very proud Mum.  

22nd June 2009 - Jazzy has five Ocicat Classic babies!

Jazzy and Neo's babies arrived during the evening of the 22nd, and all are Ocicat Classic beauties. They are the first ever litter in the UK from a Classic to Classic mating, so are very special little kittens.

28th April 2009 - Tia has seven babies!

Tia has a wonderful litter of seven, the first litter sired by Neo to be born!  All went well and the babies are doing very well.

7th February 2009 - Our two Classic girls attend the Shropshire Cat Club Show

Jazzy and Kestrel entered the Ocicat Classic Assessment class at this show and both girls gained their Merit Certificates, both receiving very positive comments from the judge in their write up. They also both did very well in their side classes against other breeds.  Kestrel did especially well for her first ever show, in gaining her Merit and two firsts in side classes of 4 and 10 cats, also a 3rd in a class of 14!  

21st January 2009 - Our new stud boy 'Neo' arrives from Sweden!

All our waiting has finally come to an end, as we collected Neo from Heathrow today after his trip from Sweden. 'Neo' is from the Marble and Silks Cattery in Sweden and is a stunning tawny Ocicat Classic.  He is the first Ocicat Classic boy to be imported into the UK to help in our Classic breeding program.

A big thank you to Pernilla Hansson, his breeder for entrusting us with this lovely boy, we are sure he will make you proud!  To read more about Neo on our Ocicat Classic page here

10th January 2009 - First Show for the Ocicat Classic

In October 2009 Preliminary Recognition was granted for the Ocicat Classic breed by the GCCF. This meant they can be shown in competition for Merit Certificates.  The first show they were able to enter was the Short Haired Cat Society Show in Coventry.

Jazzy was one of the four Ocicat Classic cats at the show, she gained her first Merit Certificate and did very well in her side classes

Well done to the other Classic cats who were present and also gained their first ever Merits!

For more information on the Ocicat Classic Click Here!


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