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How our kittens are raised

All our kittens are raised in the home as part of our family. We aim for the kittens to be born in our bedroom (or moved there shortly after birth), as this is a quiet place for them to be for the first few weeks of life, although our girls sometimes have different ideas! After they are born (which usually takes a couple of hours if everything goes smoothly) we have a quick check to see that they are all fit, healthy and starting to suckle, then apart from putting clean bedding in the box, we leave the new family in peace.

They would then stay in the relative quiet of our bedroom until they reach about 3-4 weeks old. During this time their eyes will open (usually by about 10 days of age), and they will almost grow before your eyes! We are left with very little to do at this stage, apart from regular cuddles!

Once they come downstairs and realise the world is bigger than their box, the mayhem starts!! We put them in either the lounge or the conservatory (depending on the time of year), and make sure that they are confined to a safe and secure area. This is when the fun starts, they begin to explore, and start to behave like little cats! Their first attempts to walk and run on our wooden floors is usually very amusing, they slip and slide about as if they are walking on ice!!

At this point we would start to offer kitten food, which they usually start to eat within a couple of days. This goes hand in hand with teaching them to use a litter tray, which they usually get the hang of very quickly. They will grow from strength to strength once they start eating solid food, and also their confidence develops as they expand their horizons.

From here on they are allowed increasing freedom within the house, always making sure that they are supervised and safe. We have quite a busy household, so they are brought up with the hustle and bustle of family life. This makes our kittens very sociable and very confident little creatures.

By the time they reach 9 weeks old, they are ready for their first injections; our vet does a thorough health check at this time too. Then three weeks later they return for their final injections and a further health check. 1 week later, at 13 weeks they are ready to be collected by their new families, and the fun continues in their new homes!

If you are interested in a kitten, then you are welcome to make arrangements to visit us when the kittens are about 5-6 weeks of age. By this time their little personalities are already quite developed, and you may find that one of them picks you!!!


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