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Abyssinian kitten
The loving and loyal Abyssinian

Abyssinian Breed Profile

The Abyssinian is an extremely sociable and affectionate breed, although not necessarily a lap cat. They will become very attached to their human family, and reward them with both love and loyalty. They are agile and active, loving to run, jump and play, and should be offered space in which to do this, whether kept indoors or allowed outside into a run.

They are often kept as indoor cats as most have little or no road sense. Often they can show dog-like tendencies such as playing ‘fetch’, and usually come running to you when called.


They are not usually noisy cats, meowing occasionally, but often talking to their family with little chirruping sounds, which they will expect to be answered!

The average life span of these cats is fourteen to fifteen years, although many will exceed this if they remain in good health. It should be noted that they are not prolific breeders and would expect to
average three to four kittens in a litter.

The look of a little mountain lion is truly a beautiful thing to see pouncing around the house! These cats absorb you into their world, by inviting you to share in the things they love to do... playing being top of the list! Being such an intelligent and interactive breed, many people find, once owned by an Aby, they would never consider being without one!

All in all Abyssinians make wonderful and devoted companions, are very good with other animals and are extremely good with children. A total pleasure to have as part of the family

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